As we know, many people have different new years resolutions every new year, and one of those resolutions is losing belly fat. But for that, you have to make a schedule and know how many crunches a day to lose belly fat would be efficient. Its essential to know crunches are done in the right way so we can execute them correctly. The most efficient and effective process is to set a schedule for every day on how many crunches a day to lose belly fat.

You don't need any of the gym equipment to do crunches. Even in gyms, it is preferable to do crunches on a yoga mat; you can even do it without the mat. There is no exact amount of crunches as it depends from person to person and the fat each human possesses. As for skinny people, it is easy to build abs, but chubby or fat people require a lot of exercise and too much fat to burn. As known by the internet, the average number of crunches is 100-200 for men in their youth.

But some people are even more passionate than the general public, so they prefer to do it even more. We also have to focus on biological factors such as age and gender that vary from person to person. Also, another factor that impacts the most is your height; a person with shorter stature would need to do more crunches. And a person of a tall size would need to do fewer crunches to get the required results.

So, your abdominal muscles are the ones that play the central part as well. Roughly, doing 15-20 crunches every day is adequate. Also, there are many ways to do crunches as well as there are many types of crunches. The basic concept of doing crunches is flexing your muscles, as when you do crunches, you force your abdomen towards your chest.

Also, in every rep, you should have a selected number of crunches in your mind. And even when you don't have the energy to do one more, you must achieve your target because discipline makes us achieve our vision.

Meridian gym also provides a meridian personal trainer who tells us and guides us how many reps you should do in each set and how to increase those reps gradually. Moving further will make us even closer to our goal. And that's when we can rely on the meridian personal trainer. To have a flat stomach, we see many hurdles, and removing that unnecessary fat is challenging. The most basic of the crunches are lying on your back and placing the tip of your fingers into your eyebrows with your hands inclined.

Losing belly fat is more complicated than losing fat on any other body part. Also, you must remember when to inhale and exhale, as it increases your output. The average number in which we can see the results is 1-1.5 months. Running on a treadmill is also an effective way to lose belly fat. Consistency and discipline matter the most. You either need to burn more calories or consume fewer calories.

Another factor we need to focus on is that we need to do other activities, such as jogging, swimming, and playing sports, especially football. Your diet should also consume fewer calories if you cannot expand more. You always have to take in less calories than you can expend for the best results.